this is a book experiment to show how blue light impacts the retina. although studies show that blue light does not have any long term impact, blue light promotes macular degeneration. macular degeneration is blurred or no vision in the center of the visual field. macular degeneration is one of humanities leading causes of blindness. it is important to monitor our screentime, whether it be social media, self monitoring apps or using our camera and keep in mind the long term impact our screens could be doing to our eyes. the vortex the paper creates symbolises the shutter of a camera on our iphone, ultimately showing our eyes as a camera lens. the measurements of the circumfrance of the vortex are the average measurement of an eyeball which is 28mm multiplied by the focal length of an iphone camera. the last page is made of see through tracing paper. blue light can be shined through the back to give the viewer a feeling of discomfort on looking into the retina of the book. this is to show the viewer how blue light can effect the eye