This project output is a self hologram ai that concentrates on you being a friend to yourself. As it gets to know you it learns more about you and what makes you feel better and the type of validation you need in order to get over your fears and anxieties. It allows you to be more connected with your emotions and responses and doing so, increases your self awareness. It is to help you gain empathy towards youself and understand yourself. The first task the asks you is to show your emotion physically so it can tell what mood you are in, for example will ask "what facial expression do you make when you are angry?/ happy? etc." will start by mimicing your expression and logging it. it will then ask you what is the best possible outcome of a conversation to help you feel better? in response logs this information so that it knows your validation methods in order to be your better self again. in conclusion, is the ultimate friend to yourself.

Example shown below.